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Update aidoo mobile

1. Changing colours when using parts

The part is shown in a certain colour depending on its status:

  • Dark green: Planned and the amount of parts was entirely used
  • Orange: Planned, but the amount of parts used is different
  • White: Planned, but not used
  • Light green: Not planned, but the part was used during the job

2. Bug fixing

  • Faster loading time of the "Jobs"-tab
  • Textfields are adaptable in size
  • Additional translations on the Webplatform

In case you encounter any problems whilerelogging after deployment. Please remove the cache from the browser, which canbe done through the following procedure:

  • Windows PC: press "Ctrl+Shift+Backspace"
  • Mac:
    • Safari: press "Alt+Command+E"
    • Chrome: "Command+Shift+Backspace"

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