Theft protection for cars & motorcycles through an app

Q Love Drive Protect

Protect your vehicle with a mobile app which constantly indicates the actual vehicle’s position and its movements.


Because you like your car.

The Q device is installed in your vehicle by an authorized installer.

  • Low power consumption: ideal for olditimers (12V) and motorcycles
  • Internal battery ensures communication even when the battery is disconnected


Because you like to drive

  • View your journeys on your smartphone (Google Map) in real-time and keep a history of your driven routes
  • Examine the distance traveled, the time travelled, as well as the average and maximum speed of your trips
  • A user-friendly and intuitive application
vehicule protection


Because you want the best protection.

  • Remotely activate a device preventing the start of your vehicle
  • Receive an SMS when the ignition is turned on, the car is raised or the battery is disconnected.
  • In case of theft, an authorized surveillance center will use the Q features to help local police find your vehicle (paid service).
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