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More than 30 associates dedicated to development of innovative technologies and customer support

Loyal customers

2,200 loyal customers, including SMEs and multinationals

Geo-location devices

25,150 operating geo-location devices used in Europe and Africa

Certified partners

Network of 50 certified partners in Europe and Africa, ensuring local services and customized solutions for our customers.

Technology Partners

In partnerships with leading technology providers, we extend our own technologies or enable our technology partners to widen their offering by integrating with our technologies.

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Our story

Emixis : a Viasat Group Company

Emixis, Brussels-based corporation has been active in the international geolocation market for more than 20 years. Pioneer in vehicle safety technologies, it designs, manufactures and distributes technologies that facilitate better management and security of personnel, vehicles and related objects. Emixis is one of the Belgian leaders in telematics and the Internet of Things. Moreover, the company is one of the only players to develop and manufacture its products in Belgium.

Combining GPS, smartphone and cloud computing applications, Emixis technology enables verification of compliance with the cold chain, vehicle protection against theft or unauthorized use, detection of fuel theft, positioning or utilization rate of field assets such as skips or trailers.  In addition, with the usage of smartphones or tablets, the technologies provides for efficient planning and follow up on services performed by field personnel such as technicians, family assistants or homecare nurses.

As of July 2016, Viasat Group became a majority owner of Emixis.  With strong presence in all over European continent and leadership in many of its markets, Viasat Group is the 3rd largest European company in telematics industry.  Emixis became the bridgehead for the Group for Benelux, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and French speaking Africa.  Armed with Viasat’s expertise in the fast growing market of geolocation applications for insurance, Emixis can now offer Usage Based Insurance (USB) solutions for insurance industry in our markets.


Emixis, in partnership with Seed for Life

« We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. » (Indian Proverb)

We are Eco-responsible!

Emixis takes its social responsibility to heart and considers it natural to support sustainable development. Respect for the nature is an essential part of our company culture and we strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to protect the Earth’s natural resources.  As such, we implemented a mechanism to compensate for our ecological footprint.

In partnership with Seed for Life, NGO focusing on reforestation of Madagascar, Emixis plants 5 trees for each device sold. By creating equitable employment for Malagasy citizens in local nurseries and tree plantations, Seed for Life not only improves the health of our planet, but also betters daily life of the Malagasy people.

To date more than 3,000,000 trees were planted since 2009.

  • Reforested surface 30,000 ha
  • 300,000 tons of CO2 captured, equivalent to lifetime emissions of 22,000 Europeans!
  • Work created for more than 150 Malagasy citizens
  • 100% non-profit organization, all members are volunteers