20 09, 2018


With over 30.000 connected vehicles, Emixis is a Belgian leader in the field of telematics fleet management systems. We develop and commercialize innovative hardware and software solutions to help companies manage field personnel, vehicles and assets. Our solutions, available in the form of SaaS, are sold in Europe and Africa via a network of resellers

18 06, 2018

Update aidoo mobile

1. Changing colours when using parts

The part is shown in a certain colour depending on its status:

  • Dark green: Planned and the amount of parts was entirely used
  • Orange: Planned, but the amount of parts used is different
  • White: Planned, but not used
  • Light green: Not planned, but the part was used during
27 10, 2016

IoT Forum

Emixis' software solutions IoT related

Emixis impressed the countless visitors attending the IoT forum on Thursday 20th of October.

Didier Bennert, Emixis' CEO facilitated a workshop on the topic of :

Two major  well-known problematics that are facing serious challenges in the domain of "Internet of Things"and for

23 09, 2016

Event EMIXIS 29 September 2016

EMIXIS Event : 29th of September 2016

Technologic Partners, Experts, Clients, Belgian and International Resellers.

What impact will Internet of Things
have on your business

Invest an afternoon of your time to find out what impact the latest digital technology, the

2 08, 2016

Leading European player in telematics takes equity position in Emixis


Press release

Brussels-based Emixis strengthens its European presence

Brussels, July 28, 2016 ﹘ Viasat Group, #3 European Telematics player, took a majority equity stake in Brussels—based Emixis. This change will help the Belgian company strengthen its position in Benelux, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and French-speaking Africa, as

8 07, 2016

Securysat Module Maintenance

Excerpt from the Securysat Fleet Manual

1.1     Maintenance Management


How it works

The maintenance alerts are created per vehicle and can be configured based on the following counters:

  • Mileage
  • Digital input 1 (active hours machine 1)
  • Digital input 2 (active hours machine 2)
  • Duration of the contact position
  • Based on a date

Functioning of counters/alerts:

Every night the counters

6 06, 2016

Update Securysat Fleet platform

Securysat version

Dear Partners,

We are glad to announce the production of a new version of the application Securysat Fleet and a new version of the Admin Tool.

This version automatically becomes applicable at the next login at https://fleet.securysat.com

This version contains the following functionalities and improvements:


  • Correction bug about search
4 05, 2016

Installator by EMIXIS


At EMIXIS, we are committed to our reseller partner's success.
Installator by EMIXIS is a powerful tool that will serve our network of fitters during the physical installation of a Securysat GPS Fleet Beacon.
Equipped of a smartphone or tablet the fitter can now, while being infield, easily verify the success of several interventions:

  • Verify
2 05, 2016

Update Securysat Fleet

Securysat version

Dear Clients,
Dear Partners,

We are pleased to announce the update Securysat, Version

This version automatically becomes applicable at the next login at https://fleet.securysat.com

This version contains the following functionalities and improvements:


  • Improvement of the display quality of the routes on the maps makes it easier to follow the routes.
  • SIG: uniformization of

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